Mobile Commerce Enablement

The TelBill Mobile Commerce technology suite is a state of the art payment management system fully integrated into TelBIll's convergent billing and rating operating system (BSS/OSS) which is designed for rating and billing any type of services such as Cellular, Internet, Long Distance, Cable, and mobile commerce. The mobile commerce product set has been built to provide enablement software which allows its clients to offer highly secure mobile commerce and flexible private label payment solutions to their end customers. The technology is divided into 4 primary categories:

Stored Value Virtual Account Program

Stored Value Virtual Account Program: This technology suite encompasses the ability to enable its clients with PayPal type functionality, but with the ability to private label and control all the retail rates and profit margins. This virtual account program can be sold and managed in many ways both supporting the banked and unbanked market demographic. This product is supported by a mobile phone application which can be downloaded to the consumer's cellular phone and used to manage their virtual account.

  1. Virtual accounts can be loaded via, credit card, checking / savings accounts, automatic payroll deposits, cash at over 400,000 locations worldwide (provided client has money transmitter licenses secured in each state they collect money in), and many more methods dependent upon the integrated suppliers.
  2. Users can move money off of their virtual account to any US Checking / Savings Accounts, PayPal, other TelBill technology users, and any participating online retailers and brick and mortar retail establishments who integrates with its technology platform.

Stored Value Virtual Account Program

Consumer / Commercial Mobile Wallet: TelBill has also integrated a unique mobile wallet payment technology suite called "Pending Payments".

  • Commercial Application: This technology allows online and brick and mortar retailers to allow customers to pay for goods and services using their cellular phone vs. cash or traditional credit cards. This technology virtually removes consumer bad debt and significantly decreases the transaction costs that merchants have to pay traditional credit card companies for clearing credit card transactions.
  • Consumer Applications: Consumers can send / move money to any other consumer using the technology. These micro payments are made in real time and are FREE for customers to use. Consumers will also be able to purchase goods and services from any company who has launched the TelBill commercial mobile wallet making the purchase of goods and services with the customer’s cellular phone quick, safe, secure, and inexpensive.

Stored Value Virtual Account Program

International Long Distance (ILD) Calling: The product suite also empowers customers to use their account to make ILD calls all over the world and at rates that will save consumers a great amount of money when compared to any other major ILD carrier. Clients can make additional profitability, but the core strategy of this feature is to provide a tremendous service to its users so as to increase the reliance of the technology.

Stored Value Virtual Account Program

mCommunications: One of the founding components of the data application is the mCommunications (Mobile Advertising) functionality which is used for 2 primary purposes:

  • Upgrading the data application to a newer version.
  • Allowing for targeted communications to be sent to the customer. This communication pathway provides the owner of the customer a constant and free communications pathway to their end users. This pathway can be used to increase future sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Featured Functionality

Completely Private Label

The TelBill system provides its clients a private label turnkey solution with access to 120 APIs which allow the system to integrate with existing legacy systems

Product Procurement

TelBill has made arrangements for its clients to buy inventory from world class product distributors. These distributors are willing to purchase and fulfill inventory for clients saving millions of dollars in capital costs.

Carrier Access

Bring your own carrier agreement or use an existing client's direct contract. Clients can start selling faster and cheaper without having to spend millions in carrier implementation fees and LCs.

Additional Services

Clients can allow TelBill to create and or enhance their brand as well as create advertising / marketing campaigns.
Clients can allow TelBill to financially model their business. These financial models will help clients price their services and manage their business.
Clients can allow TelBill to help them expand on their existing distribution channels and maximize marketing dollars.