VOIP Enablement

TelBill's VOIP wholesale services product suite offer a comprehensive suite of telecom carrier LD / ILD termination service features with the engineered business intelligence designed to increase revenue and lower your operating costs while providing full geographical redundancy. Our out of the box VOIP product is a turnkey solution which solves critical go-to-market issues, enabling efficient implementation and management - saving clients time and money while simultaneously uncovering new sources of revenue that can be achieved through offering local phone service as a service offering. Within 30 days enjoy having the cost efficiencies of having 15 plus million customers.

TelBill also has a comprehensive wholesale toolset that provides efficient trading, routing and management, of voice traffic through its supplier network infrastructure. Clients have access to local and international termination rates that are extremely competitive on the wholesale side. Clients can seamlessly add new carrier relationships and configure information - such as gateway IP addresses, accepted inbound and outbound protocols, escalation lists, and payment terms - and easily generate and track rate quotes and amendments. Clients can also import new carrier rates and make updates to existing regions, codes, and rates that render immediately or at a specified time. The system is backed by a customer-first philosophy, detailed reporting and analysis tools, and the guarantee of uptime connectivity.

Featured Functionality

Completely Private Label

The TelBill system provides its clients a private label turnkey solution with access to 120 APIs which allow the system to integrate with existing legacy systems

Product Procurement

TelBill has made arrangements for its clients to buy inventory from world class product distributors. These distributors are willing to purchase and fulfill inventory for clients saving millions of dollars in capital costs.

Carrier Access

Bring your own carrier agreement or use an existing client's direct contract. Clients can start selling faster and cheaper without having to spend millions in carrier implementation fees and LCs.

Additional Services

Clients can allow TelBill to create and or enhance their brand as well as create advertising / marketing campaigns.
Clients can allow TelBill to financially model their business. These financial models will help clients price their services and manage their business.
Clients can allow TelBill to help them expand on their existing distribution channels and maximize marketing dollars.