MVNO Enablement

MVNOs account for over 25% of wireless customers in the US including companies like Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, Boost, Qwest, Wal-Mart Mobile and a 100 plus others, which make up the 20 year old industry. Due to increased spectrum, decreasing wholesale rates and increased competition, the MVNO industry is expanding and TelBill’s turnkey MVNE system and supplier eco system has the ability to help any company in any industry become a wireless brand and sell mobile service to the public.

TelBill can implement an MVNO for a fraction of the cost of the competition providing higher margins to the MVNO, allowing them to offer more competitive pricing and easily expand into additional services and still using one ubiquitous operating platform. The TelBill system provides its MVNO clients with all the tools necessary to manage and grow their business including: carrier activations access with all 4 major wireless carriers, credit checks, phone procurement and fulfillment, rating and billing (both online or paper bills), customer service, strategic and tactical reporting, taxing, carrier wholesale bill QA, and a feedback / development loop that helps MVNOs stay on the cutting edge of technology. In addition, our consulting side of the house helps create rate plans, branding and logos, marketing materials and helps to draw in sales and distribution channels. TelBill also offers an internal highly trained customer service team to support its clients and their growth. TelBill truly offers a cost efficient turnkey MVNO solution.

TelBill has many unique competitive advantages in the marketplace, including the low cost of implementation, unprecedented carrier access, speed of integration, higher margins due to increased automation, and the level of support and expertise that clients receive when implementing the system. TelBill also allows its clients to use its full suite of 200 plus APIs to allow for the integration of an existing legacy billing system.

Featured Functionality

Completely Private Label

The TelBill system provides its clients a private label turnkey solution with access to 120 APIs which allow the system to integrate with existing legacy systems

Product Procurement

TelBill has made arrangements for its clients to buy inventory from world class product distributors. These distributors are willing to purchase and fulfill inventory for clients saving millions of dollars in capital costs.

Carrier Access

Bring your own carrier agreement or use an existing client's direct contract. Clients can start selling faster and cheaper without having to spend millions in carrier implementation fees and LCs.

Additional Services

Clients can allow TelBill to create and or enhance their brand as well as create advertising / marketing campaigns.
Clients can allow TelBill to financially model their business. These financial models will help clients price their services and manage their business.
Clients can allow TelBill to help them expand on their existing distribution channels and maximize marketing dollars.