About Company

TelBill has implemented a full turnkey billing system and system infrastructure that enables any company in any industry to become a reseller of communications services. In development since March of 1998, the company has used feedback from over 100 MVNOs to refine its product and create a platform that provides core MVNO functionality that rivals any in the industry. TelBill's turnkey back office infrastructure allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, and care for multiple telecom services, including pre and post-paid cellular, VOIP, internet, long distance, and mobile commerce. The system is completely rules based, which allows for much greater speed of integration and customization than other MVNE competitors. TelBill can enable any MVNO in only 3-4 weeks to sell privately branded telecommunications services for most major U.S. wireless carriers.

TelBill is uniquely positioned at the center of a true telecom convergence by being a system that can support cross carrier / cross technology billing. TelBill recognizes that as there is a great deal of saturation in the cellular marketplace and companies that can differentiate their service on something other than price will have higher retention rates, higher margins, and higher penetrations. TelBill believes the future of wireless requires a successful data strategy where MVNO clients can provide customized content to their end users. With that belief, TelBill has implemented software to fully take advantage of such technology. TelBill has deployed technology that allows its MVNO clients to create dramatic product differentiation from its competitors and even with the facility carries themselves.

TelBill can implement an MVNO for a fraction of the cost of the competition and at the same time providing higher margins to the MVNO, allowing them to offer more competitive pricing and easily expand into additional services and still using one ubiquitous operating platform. The TelBill system provides its MVNO clients with all the tools necessary to manage and grow their business including: carrier activations, credit checks, phone procurement and fulfillment, rating and billing (both online or paper bills), customer service, strategic and tactical reporting, taxing, carrier wholesale bill QA, and a feedback / development loop that helps MVNOs stay on the cutting edge of technology.

In addition, TelBill's consulting division helps its clients create rate plans, branding and logos, marketing materials and helps to procure and provision inventory. TelBill also offers an internal highly trained customer service team to support its clients. TelBill has many unique competitive advantages in the marketplace, including the low cost of implementation, the speed of integration, and the higher margins offered due to the automation developed, and the level of support and expertise that clients receive when implementing the system. TelBill's consulting division makes TelBill a one-stop shop for any MVNO, rather than having to go to many different companies to efficiently implement and manage their business.